A Murano What?!?

So, my mate Richie is from Rathfarnham but lives in NYC.

Lucky boy.

To recover, post-Sandy, he and his good lady wife took a trip to Florida.

Sunshine, beaches and drop-top automobiles.

What’s not to like?

Er, how about this abomination?!?


Now, that’s a Nissan Murano. A delightful machine with a rock-solid 3.5l V6 in it.

Incidentally, in this country, they are REMARKABLE value.

Nobody wants to drive a massive-engined car.

Well, nobody except me.

But, anyway, what’s the problem?

Well, that black thing there on top of the car is a CONVERTIBLE, cloth roof!

A convertible 3.5l V6 4X4 Nissan Murano.

No. Just no.

It’s even worse from behind:



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