So, today, The Engine Room Show went to the launch of the brand new SEAT LEON.

This is a nice looking car, folks:
SEAT Leon FR - red - 2013 - 003

The launch was in The Aviva Stadium, which was a cracking place to launch a car.
The pitch was being tended to with artificial light and rollers while we were there:
photo 1

We had a bite to eat in a fancy box and then we went downstairs to the changing room!
Now, that was cool but having your own jersey with your name on it hanging in the changing room was SUPER-COOL!

photo 3

I’m not smiling because the jersey in question is a Rovers jersey. As a Bohs fan, that was as happy as I could be.

The changing rooms are really cool.

photo 4

We got to walk out on to the pitch too!

Then, we all got a pic on the Irish bench!


This was the sight that greeted us coming down the stairs out of The Aviva.

So cool!

And they’re all FR models.

And I got one in black to drive for a week.

Extra nice.
photo 5

Here I am talking about it on my radio show:

Here are some more swanky press shots:

SEAT Leon FR - red - 2013 - 022 SEAT Leon FR - red - 2013 - 039 SEAT Leon FR - red - 2013 - 050 SEAT Leon FR - red - 2013 - 074 SEAT Leon FR - red - 2013 - 118 SEAT Leon FR - red - 2013 - 176

We Will Amarok you!

I love Pick up trucks!

They are big powerful capable man thing that men want and need . .

The VW Amarok is a monster of a pick up truck  which is un-tractor like and more car feel with mad torque and an urge to do some manwork!

Volkswagen Amarok

It’s a high ride the Amarok which gives you a comfortable view in traffic, and while its sitting in bumper to bumper congestion it humming away looking for the nearest puddle or muddy field to trundle through. I would love to try this with an automatic transmission because the transitions between 1st and 2nd in manual were not the smoothest, I don’t put this down to my clutch shift control, I think as its a work horse it’s like this pick up need to remind you “hey we’re in gear, let’s go”

As it is comfortable and very fun to drive, it is a commercial vehicle and will work hard for you and your needs. The Load bay is big and ready to take the weight and deliver. And inside had loads of space for your crew.

Amarok inside

I was looking forward to taking the Amarok off road but due to me falling over and smashing my knee I couldn’t drive a manual transmission so I had to get it back to Volkswagen and get an automatic. But judging by it handling on a dodgy back country road with flooding it would do just fine and dandy!

I did get the Amarok back and picked up a VW Caddy 7 seater passenger .

Well if your into your out door stuff like biking surfing and need to take your crew with you, including luggage and gear The Caddy is your man! Ha i’d love to see the Caddy get a bit more height and 4×4 it would make an awesome SUV.

The room inside the Caddy was great, 2 back rows of seats, the 1st takes ISO fix for kids seats but not the back row, which if needed for more space you can just slide out! #handy

Caddy inside yea

Loads of headspace and storage above the driver with a deep shelf, under floor storage behind and little nets along the roof.

There was also an awesome bike rack on the lift up back door! Which is something that i don’t get why do mpv’s have a lift up back door? Would  a double opening door not be more convenient?

The automatic transmission was so smooth, and an actual pleasure to drive, when i had to bring it back, I’m not kidding my daughter Elizabeth (4) cried she said she loved that van and wanted me to keep it!


I would recommend this as a family car and a recreational car too, with loads of space, fuel efficient, comfortable and has a cheeky stylish look to it!