Love for the Bug

This is the VW Beetle that i was testing out!

It was the one of the most comfortable cars i’ve driven, i think the heated red leather seats might have added to the sensation of comfy!

It was a 1.4 TSI engine which gives loads of torque in low revs, which made this little bug a very fun car to drive! It was a real pleasure, luxury and cheeky at the same time! I’m sure that this car really love to be driven, especially in and out of muddy puddles.

The feel was great but obviously conscious that the last model was a very female styled car, even with a flower holder, this new model has been working out and has gained muscles but still contains that sexy style that comes with the beetle reputation.

A beautiful finish on the interior with a shiny black retro styled dash and the speaker surrounds have a light round them that you can change the colour to suit your mood Red, Blue, white or switch them off!

The media player is a sweet bit of kit it has an SD card smack bang in the front panel that you can play all your playlists off, or you can plug your ipod into the cable provided in the glove compartment!

One thing i couldn’t figure out was the phone, was there as bluetooth on it? I don’t know because for the life of me i couldn’t figure it out! And i was determined not to read the manual , so I was without a phone. (Stubborn as you can get)

I did however have to refer to the owners hand book though, after much searching and nearly pulling apart of the car, I had to go to the book to figure out how to open the petrol cap, I’m used to flicking that switch by your seat to open it, but no the beetle has to be touched, you just simple press the cap and it pops open! While I’m on the subject of petrol and filling up, I did have to make 2 pitstops during the week, just throwing a tenner in mind, but i thought that this car as much as i love it, it seems to like courtyards in petrol stations, maybe it’s like herbie and wants to show itself off under the glistening lights that show off its curves! But the 1.4 tsi didn’t suit my driving, long journeys, country roads and motorways! It seemed to be a bit to thirsty for me, saying that, in the City it was great, so that’s where the petrol engine will win over a Diesel.

There are Diesel engines available in the new Beetle even a TDi which i’ll have to check out!

It got snowed on too!


(bin in pic not an optional extra)

Which i then discovered that the window / door design lets rain and snow fall in when you open it!

Boot space! Well check this out, pleanty of boot space for 2 CDJs my over night bag and gig bag! I’d even get a Mixer and more in there! And the back seats fold down flat so yup a rig would fit in too! We did fit Dave H in it too CLICK HERE

BEETLE SPORT 1.4TSI 160HP M6F Sport Petrol

I actually miss driving it, It’s one of those cars that you love the inside and out!

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