Scalextrics Grand Prix

This Friday we have the rather simple task of heading out to the guys in MicksGarage to whoop their asses at the inaugural Engine Room / Micks Garage Scalextrics Grand Prix. Naturally, we want to give them as fair a chance as possible, so we have agreed to the following rules, which in the unlikely event that they are actually adhered to, should make for as fair a race as possible. scalextrics-event-regulations

401225_527572520587576_406564848_nOverseeing the race as both an independent adjudicator and race commentator is Leo Nulty. His dulcet tones will belt out over the almost perceptible din of the small electric slot cars. No doubt, if you’ve read as far as here, you’re as excited as we are.

My New Ride

So, Dave Humphreys likes to swan around the world, driving all manner of swanky cars.


Get out, I say.

I just picked up my new ride from Jeremy and the lads at and, I think, it’s a little more impressive than anything I’ve seen him in to date.

Here’s a video of me collecting it. It being a Mercedes McLaren SLR 722: