We need your help!

If you’ve listened to the latest episode of The Engine Room, you know what we’re up to.

If you haven’t, then please give us a dig out with something fun.
We’re compiling a special Christmas video, made up of people wishing us, and whomever else you’d like of course, a Happy Christmas.

So, if you’re up for it, pop your phone in front of your face, record a quick video and send it to theengineroompodcast@gmail.com.

Dropbox/WeTransfer links are cool too. In fact, they’re even better!

We’ve already cornered a number of our celeb mates but it’s you guys that will make the video work so, please, do it and do it now!

Merry Everything!

Dave, Steve & Dave

Engine Room vs Micks Garage – Round 2

Earlier this year The Engine Room basically kicked the Micks Garage crew at Scalextrix on their home turf. Yes, they had all that time to prepare and they still lost! That’s just how much of The Engine Room’s youth was actually wasted! Naturally the guys wanted a re-match and being the good sports that we are, decided to leave it to them to plan and organise.

Round 2 would consist of some real cars this time in the form of an Autotest challenge in Mondello Park. What’s Autotest we hear you mutter to yourselves? It is a set course which must be completed in the quickest time possible without incurring any penalties (by touching any of the cones or not coming to a complete halt in the designated zones).

We’ll not spoil the surprise as to who won and let you enjoy the video