Podcast Episodes

Episode 91 – In this week’s episode, a $2.5m Ferrari, Cooper tells us about the squealiest tyres and is it Day-see-ya or Datch-ee-ya? All the important questions answered so.

Episode 90 – In this week’s (long-awaited) episode, we discuss the wonders of the Paris Motor Show, Humphreys’ sore ankles and Moore’s new car!

Episode 89 – This week, Dave, Dave and Cooper come from the inside of a Land Rover Discovery which has lots of gadgets – much to Cooper’s delight. Dave Moore discusses (at length) his lack of love for the colour beige, and once again reminds us that he was in Spain recently. Also in this week’s show – cabrios, neck blowers, Jack Russells and car rental tips.

Episode 88 – In this week’s unbelievably hot episode, we talk to you from INSIDE A CAR! A podcast about cars from inside a car?!? Who’d have thunk it? It’s the awesome Opel Zafira Tourer and, when Moore forgets what the guys who have his car are called, he meant The Smart Repair Centre!

Episode 87 – In this week’s episode, John and Vinny from MicksGarage.com chat to us about cars, cakes and Cooper’s job interview.

Episode 86 – This week we’re joined in studio by our lovely friend Laura from Opel Ireland. We chat about all kinds of things, from Vauxhalls (what are they?) to Adam and rusty towbars. Fnar fnar! Tune in!

Episode 85 – This week The Engine Room comes live from the Micks Garage HQ where the guys are joined by rising BTCC star Árón Smith who fills us in on how his season is going. LOLs, racing cars, cups of tea – what more could you want?!

Episode 84 – Every week on The Engine Room Show we strive to bring you the highest possible quality show. This week is no exception. We do trivia, talk recalls, inward singing and hang out with Elmo. Yep, we need to strive more.

Episode 83 – We give you lots this week; an eduction on music, farts, important news regarding the show, Range Rovers and news on an impressive feat performed by Dave Humphreys. And fast cars. And bants. Lots of bants.

Episode 82 – Another whopper show, with rapping, dance music, taking a campervan to Croatia… This week we also talk Go Pro-enabled cyclists in ‘Dave Humphreys’ Opinion Piece’. Then Dave Moore has a rant and we answer one of motoring’s great questions

Episode 81 – In this week’s episode, Moore throws stuff at Cooper and Humphreys’ motoring trip makes everyone hate him.

Episode 80 – In this week’s episode, Cooper’s on a bike, Moore reveals that Cooper is a genius and Humphreys drives a Jag.

Episode 79 – In this week’s episode, travel to ‘Murica with Dave Moore through the medium of storytelling. Also, that’s about it cos he rabbits on and on and on!

Episode 78 – In this week’s episode, Humphreys reviews actual cars, Moore invents a new paint-naming game and Cooper got some innuendo in. Fnar!

Episode 77 – In this week’s episode. we discuss classic cars, Humphreys tells us about “patina” and Extreme Couponing!

Episode 76 – In this episode…in fact, just listen to it because Cooper and Moore surprise Humphreys and if we write in here what the surprise is, well, it won’t be a surprise to you, will it?

Episode 75 – In this week’s episode, we are asked questions by Rian Lynch, a 7-year-old who knows more about cars than Dave Humphreys. We asked him some questions too and he had all the answers to them too! He is now the very first honourary Engine Room Show member. What a hero!

Episode 74 – In this week’s episode, Moore confesses to some bad driving, Cooper does his bit for charity and Humphreys talks fast Skodas!

Episode 73 – In this week’s episode, Humphreys nearly throat-punches a woman, we answer your motoring questions and find out just what’s worse, Car Aids or Cleprosy.

Episode 72 – In this week’s epsiode, we speak to Sean Hynes, who is 22 and races cars. Fast. And wins. He’s very, very good and very, very nice.

Episode 71 – Cooper ‘shocks’ us by suggesting that he wants to become an electric car ambassador, while Humphreys tells us news involving a very fast car along with an electric BMW X5.

Episode 70 – This week Cooper drives the salubrious Audi A6 BiTurbo, Dave Moore drives a Ferrari 458 Italia while Humphreys spends almost an entire week in planes. All is explained in this week’s show!

Episode 69 – This week’s episode is Humphreys-heavy. I didn’t say Humphreys is heavy. I said it’s Humphreys-heavy. There’s a very good reason for it though. We’re trying to understand BMW’s mind-boggling range of cars!

Episode 68 – In a world…. where motoring podcasts go off in tangents you never believed possible, Cooper and the Daves discuss the recent SEAT Leon Challenge, we explain how to improve your car on a budget & discuss Superbowl commercials.

Episode 67 – A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, the lads get around to answering some listener’s questions. Self-driving cars and mind manipulation is also explained!

Episode 66 – On The Engine Room Show this week we discuss eachother’s appearance but, more importantly, are joined by superbike motorcycle champion Brian McCormack.

Episode 65 – This week three muppets, sorry, Dave Humphreys, Dave Moore & Steven Cooper talk cars in the form of a round-up of the Detroit Motor Show including new stuff from Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Toyota. You’re gonna love this!

Episode 64 – In this week’s episode, Nicola Watkins, PR extraordinaire and race car driver educates Cooper, Moore and Humphreys in just what’s involved in racing a Fiesta for a season.

Episode 63 – Cooper lets the side down by not having a beard but makes up for it with awesome questions, we talk Google Cars while Dave Moore basically offends everyone with ‘his views’. We also need YOU to help us for Christmas.

Episode 62 – This week the guys along with Rob from MicksGarage.com show you some awesome Christmas gift ideas for the petrolhead in your life!

Episode 61 – This week we discuss toilet etiquette, weird car smells which will also teach you devious tricks to play. Humphreys lambasts a new supercar and explains how cool the new BMW i3 is.

Episode 60 – This week we talk Movember with Cooper, do sound effects & talk about footballers crashing supercars. Dave Moore also explains a huge automotive sponsorship deal while Humphreys talks about the new Nissan Qashqai.

Episode 59 – This week all the stops are being pulled out. Humphreys delivers the news, sounds clever and drives an Audi A8 at 270km/h. Cooper & Moore answer some brilliant listener’s questions too!

Episode 58 – This week we learn of a fantastical traffic lane that Cooper wishes was real, and the guys answer some listener’s questions.

Episode 57 – In this SPECIAL* episode, you get to hear some of the ridiculous intros we’ve done over the past 56 episodes!

*this episode is in no way related to Cooper’s poor planning and the fact that he headed off on holidays this week.

Episode 56 – This week we give you a famous intro, discuss people buying the same cars again, the delicious Audi A7, distracted drivers and the story behind this quote: “the same man in the market that sold me my night-vision binoculars also sold boxer shorts – I had no reason to doubt him.”

Episode 55 – In this week’s episode, middle names, puddle lights and the best (and worst) selling cars in Ireland.

Episode 54 – This week the Daves try to suggest a new car for Cooper to buy and then learn of his trouser dilemma resulting in him sounding like a drunken R2-D2. Also includes an awesome intro.

Episode 53 – This week we momentarily consider producing our own musical, Dave Moore goes CAMPing, Steven Cooper drools over the new Jaguar F-Type & we discuss cars that make you poop your pants.

Episode 52 – HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! We are 1 year old now! In this episode, we create Engine Room – The Musical and Cooper tells the worst and longest story ever in the history of stories.

Episode 51 – In this week’s episode, we sit inside an Audi A7 and test out the capabilities of its nearly €10,000 Bang & Olufsen audio set-up. Thanks to the lads at Audi North, B&O and Jon Jon, who set up the chat.

Episode 50 – In this week’s landmark episode, Cooper is drunk on free champagne and exquisute red wine. That is all.

Episode 49 – This week the guys get off to a multi-lingual start, we tell you about a meteor shower that you’ve already missed,Cooper looks to find out what the ultimate car is as well as discussing ‘practical family cars’.

Episode 48 – In this week’s episode, Dave Humphreys tells us all about his Russian adventure! В эпизоде ​​этой недели, Дэйв Хамфриз рассказывает нам о своем приключении в России.

Episode 47 – In this week’s episode, Moore drives the best car he’s ever driven, Cooper regrets not buying a Suzuki Cappuccino and piranhas.

Episode 46 – In this week’s episode, we meet Simon Elliott, the Group CEO of VW Ireland, which includes VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda and VW Commercial. He also talks Scunthorpe, Caddy Racing and mice!

Episode 45 – In this week’s episode, Moore goes to Spain, finds a great driving road and crazy parking and Cooper asks questions.

Episode 44 – This week the guys are joined by Aidan Lynam from Down Syndrome Ireland to talk about his upcoming Bray to Brno trip. Dave Humphreys also discusses the upcoming Irish Festival of Speed

Episode 43 – Once again Dr. Steven Cooper regales Dave & Dave about his latest plan to revolutionise car design. Humphreys on the other hand drives lots of ACTUAL cars while Dave More has big news.

Episode 42 – This week we’re joined by Suzanne Sheridan from SIMI to discuss the new 132 registration plate system that came in on July 1st.

Episode 41 – In this episode, we talk about Dave Humphreys getting gored, crushed and killed.

Episode 40 – On this week’s show Humphreys gets some grief about his ‘diet’, we trash MicksGarage at Scalextric race, Cooper informs us of an exciting ACTUAL CATS development and we discuss practical bomb-proof cars.

Episode 39 – This week the guys are joined by Irish comedian Neil Delamere to discuss life on the road as a comic as well as some traditional motoring advice and tips!

Episode 38 – It’s that time of the week again and this time the guys discuss Cooper’s new BMW motorcycle, spoilers and polyphonic horns. Dave Humphreys also tells us about one of the poorer cars he’s tested.

Episode 37 – In this week’s episode, all you never needed to know about car washes, all you actually DO need to know about tires and Chinese food.

Episode 36 – This week we’re joined on the show by Gene Murphy. Dave drops a huge Fast & Furious Star Wars-shaped bomb, we chat about proper japanese cars, The Children of the Corn & manly convertible cars.

Episode 35 – In this week’s episode, Cooper’s homoerotic bike trip, the Renault Twizzy and can a car power your house?

Episode 34 – In this week’s episode, pizza babies, a Mercedes McLaren SLR 722 and Humphreys is let loose in a 510BHP 5 litre V8 Jaguar!

Episode 33 – In this episode, is the AUDI A6 Bi-Turbo the diesel car to convert Dave Moore from petrol?!?

Episode 32 – In this week’s episode, Cooper has the plague (read: hangover), motorbike licenses and a little girl changes Moore’s lightbulb.

Episode 31 – This week’s highly informative show includes some important cheese advice, futuristic transport solutions and the rumoured Super Veyron. Humphreys & Moore try to blag free things while Cooper explains where exotic supercar building materials come from.

Episode 30 – In this week’s episode, we try to find Jules a car, Humphreys drives a Chrysler and Dave Moore’s arse makes Cooper laugh until he cries.

Episode 29 – This week on The Engine Room Show, we try (and fail) to find a suitable car for Dave Moore’s oligarch friend, Cooper tries some brain think about Ford’s new automatic boot and we hear about THE biggest news of the year regarding Moore’s X5. Also contains two rude words neither of which were said by Humphreys.

Episode 28 – In this week’s episode, 98FM and The Republic of Telly’s Dermot Whelan’s Jaguar obsession, eating on the podcast and Humphreys looks for an extension lead for his car. Idiot.

Episode 27 – This week we blatantly plug Car Adviser Magazine as they wrote nice things about us, Humphreys goes to the launch of a new Rolls Royce and drives the new Fiesta ST in Nice, Cooper wants a Renault Twizy while Moore still hates electric vehicles.

Episode 26 – In this week’s episode, Spin 1038’s Becki Miller, the new SEAT Leon in a changing room and lots of f**king swearing, you pr**ks!

Episode 25 – In this week’s episode, the coolest intro ever, women drivers of a certain vintage, Cooper’s mechanic’s voice and Humphreys’ Darwinism!

Episode 24 – This week we focus on future-classic-modern cars, the slightly mad Mercedes A 45 AMG and we devise an ingenious method of policing road users. Cooper also breaks his leg.

Episode 23 – Cooper takes his bike to the studio and Humphreys is in Spain driving the new SEAT Ibiza Cupra but Dave Moore doesn’t go anywhere. We also discuss car colours and tell you how to pronounce Citröen, you lemon!

Episode 22 – This week Dave Moore says complicated words, Dave Humphreys drives the Skoda Rapid, Steven Cooper tells us about the Volkswagen Beetle that he injured and we discuss ambient lighting in a manner that would suggest we know what we’re talking about.

Episode 21 – Cooper’s driving is ridiculed, an interesting solution to kids’ seats, Cooper’s driving is ridiculed, Dave H tells us about a baby Roller and Cooper’s driving is ridiculed. Have we mentioned Cooper’s driving is ridiculed in this episode?

Episode 20 – 20! Twenty! It’s our twentieth show! This week Cooper drives the Toyota GT86, Dave Moore has the urge to buy a Seat Leon while Dave Humphreys drives the Dacia Sandero & Seat Ibiza FR. There’s also hidden satanic messages.

Episode 19 – It’s the barbershop intro you never wanted to hear. This week Dave Moore falls for a Seat Mii, we discuss TV cars, buggies & banned adverts

Episode 18 – In this episode, strange swearing, clown cars and Humphreys & Cooper visit Mondello Park Race Circuit!

Episode 17 – The Christmas Special: some friends in to visit, namely PJ Gallagher & Paddy Comyn, who helped us put together this one hour special! We sing, we dance, we laugh and talk about cool stuff for 2013.

Episode 16 – Dave Moore’s dodgy Russian bars, Cooper’s Questions contains no questions and Dave Humphreys actually reviews a car!

Episode 15 – We get all SUV on your asses, Cooper’s ass comes into question and Dave Moore drinks manky tea.

Episode 14 – Cooper asks a question with no grammar, Dave Moore coughs up a lung and Dave Humphreys visits Morgan’s car factory.

Episode 13 – Cooper re-invents cats eyes & shares his knowledge of geothermal heating for airport runways, Humphreys rides the Ducati Diavel & Dave Moore regales us with his tales from his past life as a petroleum retail engineer

Episode 12 – The irresponsible fools at Toyota give Dave Moore the GT-86, it’s the Dave Vs Dave Car Quiz and extra special guest star, Cooper’s Mam!

Episode 11 – Legionnaires disease, A Kiss From A Rose and straight murdering out a Chrysler Neon.

Episode 10 – Cooper breaks science, in-car DVD and some cladding!

Episode 9 – We discuss heated and refrigerated cup holders, the zombie apocalypse and “what a horse did to your ma’s car!”. Enjoy!

Episode 8 – In this episode, we discuss manual diesels, winter survival and Google cars!

Episode 7 – In this episode, we discuss other motoring shows, road safety and, finally, some motorbikes.

Episode 6 – We talk about old-school new-car looks, electric cars and we name our ‘real world dreams cars’.

Episode 5 – This show gets off to a sweary start, Dave Moore opens up the auto versus manual debate, has a horrific horse incident and we sing!

Episode 4– Dave Humphreys does the Cannonball Run, Cooper talks about flashers, Dave M has a sat nav melt down with aqua-planing & we discuss in-car tech.

Episode 3 – The third installment and the guys discuss the Toyota GT-86, engines, pedestrian airbags, car mods amongst other things.

Episode 2 – This week’s Engine Room features news including new Citroën, Opel & Audi. Dave Humphreys tells us what happens at a car launch & Dave Moore shares his NCT top tips.

Episode 1 – Our very first podcast! Well worth a listen and bound to be worth a load of money in 25 years, just keep the original box.

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