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Dave, Steve & Dave

Dave Moore in SUPERCARS!

Who’s a lucky boy, then?!?

That’s right, me! (Dave Moore, by the way)

Meteor were launching their 4G superfast network so they decided to give me a go in some supercars. Interestingly, I didn’t say no.

When I got there, there were four of the world’s best supercars:

McLaren’s MP4 12C:


Ferrari 458 Italia Spider:


Aston Martin Vanquish:


and Lamborghini’s Gallardo Superleggera:


When I knew I was going to get the chance to drive one, I initially wanted the McLaren for its exclusivity.

Once I got there, I knew it had to be the Lamborghini. It’s INSANE!

Photo 27-09-2013 11 40 17 (1)

So, thanks to the lads at http://www.supercar-experiences.com/, we were loaded into our respective go-fast machines and we drove around Dublin’s southside for an hour.

It. Was. Epic.

Originally, we had planned to swap over halfway through and enjoy another one but, frankly, I just didn’t want to get out of the Lambo.

I’m sure each one has its merits and you can see how nice it is to be in the Gallardo:

Photo 27-09-2013 13 02 51

At the end, I did manage to do the all-important Boot Test:

Andalusian Driving Heaven!

Buenos dias!

Moore here, from ludicrously sunny Spain.

I spend a fair bit of time here, in Andalusia. My wife’s parents live here, in  a place called Alhaurin El Grande, which is a mountain town. Famed for its beaches on the Costa del Sol, Andalusia’s mountain ranges are breathtaking and, in my opinion, even more beautiful.

My brother-in-law lives right on the coast and, to get to his house, I get to drive over this AMAZING road:


It winds and twists and rises and falls by thousands of metres. It is really special.Road03Sml

I never tire of it, even in a hideous, under-powered, diesel-engined family barge.Road01Sml

If the road ever gets boring to drive on, which it doesn’t, I just look left or right and see things like this.Sunset01Sml


Can’t wait to be back on the M50 next week. 😐