Video episodes

Episode 64

Christmas Message from The Engine Room and friends

Episode 63

Episode 62

Episode 61

Episode 60

Episode 59

Episode 58

This week we learn of a fantastical traffic lane that Cooper wishes was real, and the guys answer some listener’s questions.

Episode 55

In this week’s episode, middle names, puddle lights and the best (and worst) selling cars in Ireland.

Episode 54

This week the Daves try to suggest a new car for Cooper to buy and then learn of his trouser dilemma resulting in him sounding like a drunken R2-D2.

Episode 51

In this week’s episode, we sit inside an Audi A7 and test out the capabilities of its nearly €10,000 Bang & Olufsen audio set-up. Thanks to the lads at Audi North Dublin & Bang & Olufsen

Episode 50

In this week’s landmark episode, Cooper is drunk on free champagne and exquisute red wine. That is all.

Episode 48

In this week’s episode, Dave Humphreys tells us all about his Russian adventure where he drives the new Mazda3 across Siberia!

Episode 47

In this week’s episode, Moore drives the best car he’s ever driven, Cooper regrets not buying a Suzuki Cappuccino and piranhas.

Episode 46

This week on The Engine Room, the guys are joined by Simon Elliot, MD of Volkswagen Group Ireland, to discuss cars, bikes, football amongst many other things!

Episode 45

In this week’s episode, Moore goes to Spain, finds a great driving road and crazy parking and Cooper asks questions.

Episode 44

This week the guys are joined by Aidan Lynam from Down Syndrome Ireland to talk about his upcoming Bray to Brno trip. Dave Humphreys also discusses the upcoming Irish Festival of Speed

Episode 43

Once again Dr. Steven Cooper regales Dave & Dave about his latest plan to revolutionise car design. Humphreys on the other hand drives lots of ACTUAL cars while Dave Moore has big news.

Episode 42

This week we’re joined by Suzanne Sheridan from SIMI to discuss the new 132 registration plate system that came in on July 1st.

Episode 41

In this episode, we talk about Dave Humphreys getting gored, crushed and killed.

Episode 40

On this week’s show Humphreys gets some grief about his ‘diet’, we trash MicksGarage at Scalextric race, Cooper informs us of an exciting ACTUAL CATS development and we discuss practical bomb-proof cars

Episode 39

This week the guys are joined by Irish comedian Neil Delamere to discuss life on the road as a comic as well as some traditional motoring advice and tips!

Episode 37

In this week’s episode, all you never needed to know about car washes, all you actually DO need to know about tires and Chinese food.

Episode 36

This week we’re joined on the show by Gene Murphy. Dave drops a huge Fast & Furious Star Wars-shaped bomb, we chat about proper japanese cars, The Children of the Corn & manly convertible cars. Dave also tells us about the bonkers Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT with its V8 goodness.

Episode 35

Take 20 minutes of your life and spend it with Moore, Humphreys and Cooper who are talking about Cooper’s homoerotic bike trip, the Renault Twizzy and whether a car can power your house.

Episode 34

In this week’s episode, pizza babies, a Mercedes McLaren SLR 722 and Humphreys is let loose in a 510BHP 5 litre V8 Jaguar!

Episode 32

This week, aside from having a terrible hangover, Steven Cooper tells us about a new type of motorcycle license. Dave Moore contemplates buying part-worn tyres, much to the annoyance of Dave Humphreys. Enjoy.

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